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For the most part, they simply write what they want to write.

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Charlson Ong made a name for himself writing about the Filipino-Chinese experience. But it begs the question: if Filipino-Chinese authors are writing speculative fiction, why do we not encounter a lot of stories about the experience? Invisibility is two-fold; on one hand, it can be a privilege.

But the other end of it is our absence of identity — at least if no one is writing about it. That it comes up rarely meant it was worth exploring. Thankfully, Lethe Press was interesting in publishing the anthology, of which I will always be grateful for. I wanted writers of different generations to write about the Filipino-Chinese experience filtered through a speculative fiction lens.

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Was it a success? At least, I say to myself, I gave those topics a voice, and I was able to publish talented writers. January 27, What is it to be Filipino?

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Invisibility in Philippine Speculative Fiction While real life is filled with these divisions, the Philippine speculative fiction scene is the complete opposite. Recent Publications. Charles Tan.

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You can visit his blog, Bibliophile Stalker. Tone can be portrayed in multiple ways, through word and grammar choices, choice of theme, imagery and description, symbolism, and the sounds of the words in combination i.

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Style : This is how things are said. Word choices, sentence structure, dialogue, metaphor, simile, hyperbole. Style contributes significantly to tone. Are you teaching this topic? A helpful infographic is also provided. Looking for a book on this topic?

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