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How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay Introduction | Synonym

However, it should be only an overview of the most important information. For example, if you are writing about the motivation behind the creation of the Declaration of Independence, you don't want to recount all of history from to the American Revolution. Be discerning and select just enough material to provide a platform for your main argument.

Keep in mind that your primary audience is your instructor, so maintain a professional and academic tone. While you don't want to unnaturally cram in big words just to impress, you do want to communicate that you are a credible and mature voice making an argument on an issue.

Clark College states that "your readers need to know that you have studied the topic, that you are being open and fair-minded about it and that you can understand their points of view. While you shouldn't begin presenting specific evidence in your introduction — that belongs in the body paragraphs — your thesis statement should not be too broad. Often students are concerned with giving too much away in their thesis statements, and consequently they leave them too general. To compose a thesis that is precise and well-developed, read it to yourself and make certain it answers the questions "So what?

How are big cars bad? And why does it matter?

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

A more effective thesis statement would be, "Big cars harm society and the environment because they are costly and dangerous to smaller vehicles on the road, and they further America's dependency on foreign oil. Soheila Battaglia is a published and award-winning author and filmmaker.

One should not make an assumption that the reader knows certain terms. A supporting paragraph is intended to provide proof for a claim in an argumentative essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

Like all proper paragraphs, this paragraph should have a topic sentence. In this context, the topic sentence is a statement of the argument the essay writer wants to prove.

Since the topic sentence is just a statement, a writer may want to use the next sentence in the paragraph to break down the topic. The next agenda in the support paragraph is to present evidence to support the premise introduced in the topic sentence. To ensure that what the reader understands the evidence adduced, there should be an explanation provided for the evidence in this paragraph.

How to Write a Strong Conclusion Based on the Outstanding Essay Conclusion Examples

Usually, explanation of evidence informs the reader on how they should interpret evidence. It also goes one to paint an explicit picture of how the evidence adduced supports the claim made at the topic sentence in the paragraph. This statement of how the evidence supports the topic does not necessarily have to be based on anything solid. It could simply be the opinion of the author of the assay.

The last sentence of the paragraph is the concluding sentence which in this case reiterates the claim made at the topic sentence. The intention is to sum up what has appeared in the essay. The write at this point restates the point of discussion, the evidence adduced in the writing and how that argument supports the writers claim. The conclusion should also give the way forward concerning the information that has been presented in the essay.

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